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 The collection was inspired from Friedrich Nietzsche’s tragedy world view, the Dionysian and the Apollonian spirit. I want to discuss the idea based on the book “The Birth of Tragedy” by Nietzsche, that the form of happiness that comes from fighting with the pain comes from ourselves. I would like to explore the balance between individual annihilation and the power of living and translate this abstract concept into fashion through deconstruction and reconstruction. Plus building a connection between tragedy and pleasure, and offering another interpretation of the meaning of death from my perspective. I aim to build up a collection that provides the audience a sense of solemn, the feeling of remoteness and evoke a dark and holy visual world, the happiness after detaching oneself above the reality

Elysium: Projects
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Fashion/Stylist-Haotong Eleanor Zheng
Photography-Haotong Eleanor Zheng
Art Director-Haotong Eleanor Zheng
Model-Vivian Li, Cher Xue, Huilin
CLO 3D Rendering-Haotong Eleanor Zheng

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